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TABR Year in the Life

Today we’re introducing a document that we call the TABR Year in the Life. We originally created this page because we came to the realization that many of our valued clients still don’t know about many of the services we offer. In order to create our Year in the Life document, Bob, Mary, Sylvia and […]

By Steve Medland | Current News

The Greatest Hack Of All Time, And What To Do NOW

Given my passion for professional and college baseball, you might think I am about to tell you about the feats of Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, or Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, the current leading home run hitters in the American and National Leagues. Or perhaps Dave Kingman, aka King Kong, I […]

By Bob Kargenian | Current News

Social Security File & Suspend Strategy May Be Axed

In this past week’s budget legislation in Washington, Congress has decided to close what are perceived “loopholes” in the Social Security rules. The bottom line is, should this legislation be approved by the Senate, Congress will have killed off the various “File and Suspend” strategies to allow spousal and dependent benefits to be paid while […]

By Bob Kargenian | Current News

What to Say in High-Pressure Sales Situations

For the last 18 months, I’ve volunteered with an organization called Homes for Our Troops, which builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. I’d like to relate a story about the veteran that I’m working with since it may be helpful to some of our TABR clients. The soldier lost both of his legs […]

By Steve Medland | Current News

TABR is Changing! Our branding, that is.

We’re changing our look, with a new logo, tagline and website, to better reflect who we are, what we do for clients, and how we do it. Providing clients with information and education has always been part of our mission, and now that process is presented in a crisper, cleaner and more up-to-date format, which […]

By Bob Kargenian | Current News