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TABR in the News

Bob Kargenian Featured in Orange County Register

Bob Kargenian was featured in an Orange County Register article as a board member of the Cal State Fullerton Applied Security Analysis Program.  In this program, students run a small portfolio management business, and the board consists of “a collection of Cal State Fullerton finance professor and portfolio managers who manage millions, and in some cases […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

Steve Medland Quoted in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report

Steve Medland was quoted by Susan B. Garland in her article, A Spending Blueprint Will Protect Nest Egg.  “Review all of your expenses for an entire year, not just for a few months, says Steven Medland, a certified financial planner with TABR Capital Management in Orange, Cal.  ‘Many expenses are paid out once a year, such as […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

Are Closed-End Funds Misleading Investors?

Bob Kargenian was quoted in a Letter to the Editor in Barron’s, a weekly newspaper that covers financial information, relevant statistics, and market developments. Kargenian argued against misleading investors regarding closed-end funds, saying, “In reality, new closed-end funds are sold to individuals, not bought by them. The commissions paid to retail brokers are still too juicy for them to […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

The Effect of Fed Liquidity on the Market

Steve Medland was quoted by Dan Jamieson in his InvestmentNews article, Up, up and away: Jobs report clears upside for stocks.  According to the article, “’There seems to be a sense that as long as the Fed is pumping liquidity into the economy, all will be OK,’ added Steven Medland, a partner at TABR Capital Management LLC. […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

Investment Adviser Fee Disclosure

Bob Kargenian was quoted in Dan Jamieson’s InvestmentNews article, Brightscope girds to release prices.  According to the article, “Advisers also worry about consumers making fee comparisons in the absence of information about what services are provided. ‘Some investors might just go to whatever firm looks cheapest,’ said Robert Kargenian, founder of TABR Capital Management LLC. ‘But just focusing […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

Steve Medland Quoted in Wall Street Journal Gold Article

Steven Medland was quoted in Daisy Maxey’s Wall Street Journal article, Not All Gold Investments Are Equal. In this article, Maxey interviews Medland about his outlook for gold.  “Steven Medland said mutual funds that invest in gold-related stocks are currently one of the most undervalued asset classes. He has 2.5% of his clients’ portfolios in Van […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News