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Our fees and minimum account size

Client fees are our only source of revenue. We do not accept commissions generated from the sale of investment products. Therefore, we avoid the conflicts of interest that can affect the recommendations of others in the financial services industry. Our minimum account requirement is $300,000.* This amount is generally necessary to implement a wider range of our strategies and financial management.

Fees are based on a percentage of assets under management and include all of TABR’s on-going financial planning and investment management services. There are no separate hourly fees. Management fees are billed quarterly in arrears, based upon the market value of the assets on the last day of the previous quarter.

Fees can be paid in one of two ways. You can authorize that they be automatically deducted from your account each quarter, which is what most of our clients do. Alternatively, you can pay us by check each quarter via direct billing. In many cases, our fees are tax deductible, but you should check with your accountant since everyone’s tax situation is different.

For certain strategies/accounts, such as an all-bond portfolio, lower fees may be applicable than what is shown below.

Financial and Investment Management Fees

Total Managed Assets  Annual Fee
Less than $500,000 1.30%
$500,000 to $1 million 1.25%
$1 million to $3 million 1.15%
Above $3 million 0.95%

*Certain exceptions apply.

NOTE: These fees do not include the fees associated with owning a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund. If any transaction fees were incurred for specific purchases, they would be paid directly to Fidelity. All mutual fund purchases are made with no sales loads or commissions.