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Supply And Demand Is More Important Than Sentiment Or Valuation, But. . .

In last month’s update just prior to Christmas, we put forth the evidence that market breadth was confirming the new highs in stock prices and that based on history, this portended higher prices in coming months.  Nothing has taken place to change that view, as it continues to be reinforced. Since December 22, the S&P […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates

Seven RIAs tell what big project they spent money for in 2016 — and why

Steve Medland was quoted in Graham Thomas’ article, Seven RIAs tell what big project they spent money for in 2016 — and why. Steve said, “We’ve committed to ActiFi Inc.’s 13-month SAGA (strategy, accountability and goal achievement) program, and we’re three months into it. The program is based on their observation that the skill set […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

What We Learn From History Is That People Don’t Learn From History

I was not the one who said that, but was astute enough to find it from all of the reading I do, and it was a quote from none other than Warren Buffett.  This is a good time to be reminded, because there is a lot of euphoria built into stock prices since the Trump […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates

Why We Trust Our Discipline, And Not Our Emotions

I’ve purposely waited to send any communication out on what we’re thinking post-election. I don’t know about your email in-box, but with all the investment management firms we receive feedback from, we’ve been inundated with special webinar invitations and whitepapers on “what the election results mean for your investments.”  Quite candidly, I’ve ignored almost all […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates

No, Thank You, I Don’t Think So, I Think I’m Smellin’ a Rat

Those words are part of the chorus of Don Henley’s song “No, Thank You” from his Cass County album which debuted last October.  I think they succinctly sum up this Presidential Election, with Hillary and Donald recording the highest disapproval ratings in history.  Here are two snippets of Henley’s song: These are hard times we’re […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates

What the Heck is an RTQ (Risk Tolerance Questionnaire) ?

In this edition of TABR’s quarterly newsletter, we thought we’d touch on an area that has been getting some attention in the financial press recently—the use of risk tolerance questionnaires, or risk profiling, to help categorize clients and to appropriately allocate their investment funds. In addition, we have sections on Living to 100, which ties […]

By Bob Kargenian | Quarterly Newsletter

Steve Medland to Appear on SiriusXM Business Radio

On Tuesday, October 11 at 3:20 pm Pacific, Steve Medland will appear as a guest expert for 40 minutes to answer callers’ questions on the Your Money radio show. “You read a lot about the U.S. budget and policy, but have you ever wondered how these stories directly affect you? Each week, Wharton economist and […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News


The stock market’s behavior in the last 45 days or so since mid-July reminds me of an electrocardiograph that we’ve all seen in the hospital (or on TV).  Not so much the steady rhythm of a regular heartbeat, but rather that ominous visual of a flatline when the patient expires. I’m not implying the stock […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates

Retirees Need $130,000 Just to Cover Health Care

Steve Medland was quoted by Ben Steverman in his story, Retirees Need $130,000 Just to Cover Health Care, Study Finds. Steverman interviewed Medland about how to deal with high healthcare costs in retirement. According to the article, “By waiting until they’re 70 to take Social Security benefits, retirees reap bigger benefits—76 percent higher than if […]

By Steve Medland | TABR in the News

BULL-IEVE It or Not?

Our last monthly email was published on Monday, June 27, which in hindsight, turned out to be the conclusion of the two-day selloff in global stock markets associated with the United Kingdom Brexit vote. In those two days, the S&P 500 fell nearly 6%, but has since rebounded nearly 9%, to a new all-time high. […]

By Bob Kargenian | Monthly Updates