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Social Security File & Suspend Strategy May Be Axed

In this past week’s budget legislation in Washington, Congress has decided to close what are perceived “loopholes” in the Social Security rules.

The bottom line is, should this legislation be approved by the Senate, Congress will have killed off the various “File and Suspend” strategies to allow spousal and dependent benefits to be paid while still earning delayed retirement credits.  We’ve written about these strategies in a recent edition of TABR’s quarterly newsletter, and we routinely examine this area in detail when going through the financial planning process with clients.

There is a lot more to the question of “should I take my benefits at age 62, 66 or 70?” than meets the eye.  Among other things we look at to answer this question include: all other sources of income, spending goals, the earnings record of each spouse, the availability of non-retirement assets, and the probability of longevity.

Though writing about some of these planning topics is not necessarily as exciting as what is going on in the markets or the world, they are as IMPORTANT, and sometimes more, than just how investments are performing.  Where else, I might add, can we help increase clients’ income, permanently, by thousands of dollars per year, just by following a few simple rules?  In other words, financial planning is as important as investment planning.

Should the Senate approve what is noted above, it is likely that these “extra” benefits will be eliminated for those using the strategy, but nothing is clear at this point, including whether existing recipients will be grandfathered.  We have several clients using this strategy, and will keep you updated when something official comes out of Washington.

Halloween Edition

We’ll have a full update next week on markets and where our various models stand, but I wanted to get the above out since it was timely, along with what has become one of the most popular things we do—send out pictures of the kids.  So below, in all their Halloween attire, are Caroline (top) and Conrad and Audrey (bottom).

Caroline Halloweeen 2015

Conrad Audrey Halloween 2015

Realizing many of you may also be wondering about our son, Adam, here is the quick and dirty on him.  He turned 21 last month, so you can officially have a beer with him if you are visiting NY, where he is now a junior attending New York University.  Last weekend, as part of his evolving photo work of the music scene, he covered an event featuring singer Joe Jonas, and his photos were posted to Jonas’ Instagram account, where he apparently has 2.3 million followers.  So, he seems to be making progress and learning more and more about his chosen field of trade.



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