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Clients at every stage of life need a plan

There is no single, typical TABR client or client story. Each client and his or her circumstances is so different, and our way of doing business is equally individualized. However, listed below are situations we commonly see and a few client stories to illustrate the value we can deliver.


As you work into middle age, planning can really pay off. At a certain point, it’s time to fine tune your strategies and realistically assess what you may need and what steps are necessary to take now. This can range from simple issues like whether and when to pay down a mortgage, to more complex decisions such as whether to annuitize a pension or to take a lump sum. Of course, there are often tradeoffs like saving for retirement versus helping out a child or grandchild with college expenses. Bottom line, there are important issues to consider regarding your investment strategy and risk management.

Deciding When to Take Social Security

Jay and Tawny are 62 and 56 years old and thinking about retiring to spend more time traveling and with their grandchildren. They are wondering when it is best to start taking Social Security benefits.

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Once you get to retirement, it’s supposed to get easier, right? Well, in fact, there are a wide range of issues that must be monitored and managed to ensure your future. For example, an important decision is when to retire. This is dependent on a number of factors – your assets, income, and the lifestyle you want to maintain – possibly for 25 years or more. In short, it’s not your parents’ or grandparents’ retirement. It’s a new world that requires new thinking and active management.

Stretching Income and Minimizing Tax Liabilities

David and Joanne, 70 and 66 respectively, had owned a small manufacturing business, which they sold when they were trying to make the transition to retirement. They came to TABR for help managing assets of just over $1 million that they had accumulated over the years, mostly through savings.

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Women in Transition

Whether it’s divorce, the loss of a spouse, or some other substantial life change, the result for women in transition can be devastating without planning and management. Of course, transitions are not just about money – they are complex, personal, and individual. All the more reason why finances need to be addressed. The best time to start planning is always early, when a life event is anticipated, or has just occurred. Making the right decisions is crucial. But no matter where you are relative to a life transition, it’s never too late to start the process and to move ahead with your life.

Recovering from Personal Loss and Finding a Financial Footing

Katrina, a homemaker and artist, unexpectedly lost her husband of 35 years due to a tragic illness. Katrina had relied on her husband to handle the finances and was completely unprepared in the immediate aftermath of his death for the long-term planning that needed to follow.

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Sudden Wealth

An unexpected windfall can situate you well in later years if properly anchored and allocated in a financial portfolio. Demystifying the process and helping you set investment priorities is the first step. Whether an inheritance, life insurance proceeds, or a large legal settlement, we can get you safely launched.

Jumping the Gun on an Inheritance

A mother and son were both clients of TABR here in Southern California. The son, Brian, an educator, called to tell us that his mother had passed away after a sudden deterioration in her health. He went on to tell us that the day before his mother’s surgery, he and his sister transferred their mother’s home out of its trust registration into their names in a mistaken belief that this would be a favorable step from an inheritance standpoint.

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